Bosch wants to test self-driving cars in Cluj

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Because the environment is so much more complex it requires a different level of technology. It seems that the automotive industry is prepared.

At the end of last year, Daimler and Bosch announced  that will begin testing autonomous “robo-taxis” on European public streets.

Moreover, German group Bosch is in talks with the Romanian authorities to get the authorization to test autonomous cars on the public roads in Cluj, informs, quoting Dennis Raabe, Head of Bosch Engineering Center Cluj.

According to him, a first step would be to build a dedicated testing track, before the self-driving cars hit the streets.

Since a few years ago, Bosch started testing through Cluj unit the software that will be found on autonomous cars. The vehicles are always under the control of the driver, but the algorithms are tested in various situations to see what things they recognize in traffic and how they can be improved. Then, once all the necessary data have been gathered in secure areas, the autonomous cars will be able to run in chaotic environments that are very good to test what the this kind of cars can do.

If Bosch obtains the authorization to test self-driving cars in Cluj, there will always be two people: one that will focus on driving and will intervene if needed, and another will track the collected data.

At the Bosch Engineering Center in Cluj-Napoca, set up in 2013, the company’s specialists work on developing products for automotive and non-automotive customers in the area of engine control units, automotive steering, e-Bike and driver assistance, the Internet of Things.

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