Bucharest, a hotbed for the foreign programmers and IT developers?

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High wages, high Internet speed, low living costs and countless leisure opportunities make Bucharest a real El Dorado for the foreign beginner programmers or for the IT experts and developers in search of new professional opportunities, says a feature on the ZDNet business technology website, owned by the CBS Interactive.

With high salaries, low living costs, and warp-speed internet, Bucharest is an appealing destination for techies. Romania might not be the first country to pop into your head if you’re a techie looking for a new base, but the salaries and cost of living could make considering the city worth your while.

Devs often own expensive apartments and drive high-end cars. They relax in cozy cafes with fast internet connections, and at the weekend enjoy a vibrant nightlife in the country’s many pubs and clubs. Romania has a low crime rate, and locals are fascinated by foreigners, having had limited contact with the western world until the fall of communism in 1989,” says the article.

They published a list of ten reasons for which Bucharest is a hot destination for them.

Read them here.

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