Bucharest, in the top of cities with the most experts in high-tech industry

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Romania’s Capital city is among the top cities boasting the most experts in the high-tech innovative industry, with over 70,000 current employees, next to London, Dublin, Madrid or Budapest, reads a study conducted by CBRE real estate consultancy company.

At the same time, since 2008 up to the present days, Bucharest has registered one of the most important increases in Europe regarding the number of employees in this sector, 66%. At present, Bucharest boasts a number of high-tech industry specialists/per city that is ranking double than the normal average in the European Union.

CBRE surveyed over 250 citieis in Europe, Middle East and Africa, with 40 most important centres on the workforce in the hi-tech industry, focusing on such categories as the number of employees, industry’s sub-categories and the rate of growth. The hi-tech industry has been divided into 10 sub-categories: software sector, IT services, telecom, hardware, online services (web), e-commerce, digital services (digital marketing and advertising, digital media), gaming industry, fintech services and cyber security services.

In Bucharest, most of the employees hired in the hi-tech industry are working in the software sector  (36%), then in hardware (21%), telecom (20%), IT services (11%) and cyber security (8%).

The hi-tech sector in the Romanian Capital is dominated by big international companies. Among the most important employers in Bucharest are the software, telecom and IT services companies, with major players like Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Luxoft, Endava, Vodafone, Ericsson or Hewlett Packard.

In terms of age, the Bucharest hi-tech industry is dominated by the Millennial generation (aged fro 25 to 34).

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