Bucharest residents, the most dissatisfied of EU capital cities with the air quality

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Inhabitants of Bucharest are the least satisfied wiith the air quality in EU capital cities – 22 percent. This information, based on perception survey indicators produced by the European Commission, is issued by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, on the occasion of the World Environment Day.

The Romanian capital is followed by Sofia (28 percent), Paris (30 percent), Madrid (31 percent) and Rome (32 percent).

In contrast, among EU capital cities in 2015, at least three-quarters of inhabitants were very or rather satisfied with the quality of the air in their city in Dublin, Vienna and Helsinki (all 88 percent), followed by Luxembourg (83 percent), Stockholm (77 percent), Ljubljana (76 percent) and Tallinn (75 percent).

Overall, a majority of inhabitants were satisfied with air quality in 20 of the 28 EU capital cities. Regarding the level of noise perceived, Dublin registered the highest proportion of the population very or rather satisfied (82 percent), ahead of Helsinki (81 percent), Luxembourg (79 percent), Vienna (78 percent), Riga (77 percent), Vilnius (76 percent) and London (75 percent).

Conversely, Bucharest recorded the lowest share of people globally satisfied with the noise level in the city (31 percent), followed by Sofia (36 percent), Athens (43 percent), Madrid, Rome and Valletta (all 45 percent) as well as Warsaw (46 percent). Overall, a majority of inhabitants were satisfied with noise levels in 21 of the 28 EU capital cities.

“Generally speaking, please tell me if you are very satisfied, rather satisfied, rather unsatisfied or not at all satisfied with the quality of the air and the noise level in your city?” inhabitants of 83 European cities were asked in 2015.

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