Bucharest, the land of malls. Two new shopping centers in sight this year

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Another two malls will open this year in Bucharest, with a total of 300 new stores on the market. The distances between one shopping to another is also a stone’s throw in the Capital city, which means that there is a mall serving 200,000 Bucharesters, as Digi 24 reported.

The first mall opened in Bucharest in 1999 and another seven have showed up ever since.

A new big shopping center is to be commissioned in Titan district on September 1st, ready to host 200 stores, an area equal to 10 football fields.

Five kilometers away of driving, another commercial center is being built opposite the famous Obor Market. It will be the tenth mall in the Capital, to open by the end of the year. The mall is built on the spot of an old factory and will host 100 stores.

The most visited malls in Bucharest are luring over 30,000 visitors on a daily basis. This can however affect the small businesses and traditional markets, as people tend to choose commercial centers to go shopping. They find there stores, supermarkets and cinemas altogether, and sometimes they find lower prices.

There are over 1 million square meters of commercial areas in Bucharest, meaning over a third of the total countrywide.

Romanians are also big mall fans, spending over EUR 4 billion in those 60 malls in the country on an annual basis.

Bases on this increasing market, the profile investors plan to open new malls in Arad Brasov and Piatra Neamt.

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