Bucharest’s apartments, valued at prices 10 pc higher following notarial grids

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Notaries’ grid after which minimum fees and taxes are calculated for the transactions with apartments in Bucharest was set for this year. Some values are even over 10 percent higher than in 2014, but most increases are about 3-5 percent.

Above-average increases have been made for some apartments located in the area bounded by Victoriei Avenue – Lasc?r Catargiu Boulevard – Iancu de Hunedoara Boulevard junction or in Dacia Boulevard, between Grivi?ei Avenue – Roman? Square- Spaniei Square, where notaries’ grid set values 12 percent higher than last year, according to review made by Mediafax.

The analysis took into account two-bedroom apartments, comfort I, located at intermediate floors (1-4) in buildings built between 1978 – 1989.

According to the new scale, which takes effect from January 1, the minimum value for a two-bedroom apartment higher comfort I, situated at an intermediate floor in Victoriei Avenue, stands at EUR 71,960. Last year, an apartment in the same area with the same characteristics, have a value of EUR 64,240.

Significant increases were operated for the apartments on Calarasi Avenue where the values were set up by percentages ranging between 3 – 10 percent to EUR 61.900 (compared to EUR 56,280) and EUR 65,510 (compared to EUR 63,620).

Guide values of 2015 real estate classified Bucharest’s apartments in 86 zones, after floors number, comfort degree and construction year.

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