Budget committee OKs draft to reduce VAT from 19pc to 16pc

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The budget and finance committee in the Chamber of Deputies has given a favourable report to a draft law on reducing the VAT from 19 pc to 16 pc and the VAT or foodstuff from 9 pc to 5 pc starting 2020.

The decision to adopt the bill belonged to PSD that held the majority in committee, although the draft law had been initiated by the Liberals during the time when they were in the Opposition.

The bill passed in the committee by 13 votes to 2, the votes against belonging to PNL and USR.

The bill was initiated by five PNL deputies when the party was in opposition. PSD, in power at that time, had blocked the bill back then.

The draft law had been previously adopted by the Senate in October, but the Chamber of Deputies is the decision-making body in this case.

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