Bulgarian companies claim difficult internal policies to enter Romanian market

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It is increasingly difficult for Bulgarian companies to get into the Romanian market, while it remains one of the most attractive for Bulgarian producers, according to a report on December 1 by public broadcaster Bulgarian National Television, balkaneu.com informs, after 24 companies from across Bulgaria presented their products in Bucharest at an international exhibition entitled Food and Beverages. The exhibition was organised by the office of trade and economic affairs at the Bulgarian Embassy in Romania. Close to 200 people sampled Bulgarian meat and dairy products, teas, wines, soft drinks and delicacies and traditional dishes.

Foreign trade official Iskren Tomov said that the competition seemed quite strong, especially in cow dairy products. For Bulgarian producers, one of the biggest challenges in the dairy market is the internal policies of major food chains in Romania. Dyanko Penev, a partner in a dairy company: “They just do not want to work with domestic supplies directly from Bulgaria and this quite complicates things”.

Businessman Dobromir Dobrev, a partner in a Romanian company founded to operate in that country, said many companies are trying to fight unfair competition. He said some Romanian companies were trying to impose their dairy products on the local market.
The report said that, in spite of the intense competition, turnover between Bulgaria and Romania is expected to exceed a record EUR 3 billion by the end of the year.

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