Businessmen association: The new governing programme creates a feeling of crisis, despair about state budget collection

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The measures in the new governing programme create a feeling of crisis and reflect a real despair on the state budget collection, Florin Pogonaru, President of the Romanian Businessmen Association (AOAR) and President of the Romanian Development Coalition (CDR) said on Friday.

Statements on short:

  • Through the measures included in the governing programme, this tax revolution – we see a feeling of crisis and panic;
  • The tax on turnover – reveals desperation in collecting revenues to the state budget and the poor situation of the budget deficit;
  • We are not against wage increase, however a coordination with decisions favouring the investment environment is needed;
  • Such measures will raise questions about Romania’s capacity to take over the rotating presidency of the EU;
  • There a false war between the private sector and the public sector;
  • For the poorest regions in Romania, the wage increase will create desolation;
  • Sudden wage increases make some companies collapse;
  • It is comical to have the minimum wage differentiated between the ones having a diploma and the ones without one;
  • The issue of dissolving the Pension Pillar II – some say it will be nationalized, other say this is stupid. Some say this nationalization would bring 0.7% more to the GDP. These people are trying to understand how to cover the budget deficit;
  • Tax on turnover – did anyone consider (European) Directive 112 which reads that no tax is to be laid on the turnover, except for the VAT? The tax on turnover wouldn’t lead to inapplicability of tax conventions Romania is signatory of? We would be the only country applying a different tax than the one on profit. It is economically unfeasible due to the profit margins of various industries and companies.

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