Canadian Casino Layoffs: A Global Reflection


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The current state of worldwide mayhem has led to many companies laying off thousands of workers. Many land-based casinos have been forced to close. So, tourists and gamers have turned to their devices to access their favorite casinos.

Two crown companies in Canada left the casino industry astounded when they laid off almost 600 staff in April. What’s more, the workers were sent home without ongoing supportive income. This is the common practice across the world where non-essential workers and businesses have been frozen.

The two Canadian casinos, Casino Regina and Casino Moose Jaw have reiterated that all laid-off employees will return to their previous jobs when things go back to normal. Several corporations have done the same making many to suffer without an income in these tough times.

Why Crown Casino Layoffs Were Enforced

The casino companies declared the layoffs as a response to the global practice of closing down businesses in reaction to the latest global shelter-in-place protocols. But, many companies, including those backed by huge corporations like Crown, have been looking after their employees. Regardless of whether the employees are essential or not, they give them an income to survive until the storm withers.

When Casino Regina and Casino Moose Jaw closed shop, they shut out their employees without an ongoing income. The only thing they are offering their employees is their job back once things go back to normal. The Casinos paid the employees for only two weeks after the closure and then left them to sort themselves out.

The companies claim that the layoffs were done under public emergency provisions contained in the amended Saskatchewan Employment Act. The company would only keep employees deemed essential.

Some of the employees have brought the matter to the attention of the labor ministry. They are seeking the intervention of the ministry to have the layoffs overturned.

Live Casino Games

The global shutdown has taken a toll on casino and gaming fans. The gamblers that prefer the land-based casinos have been affected more. However, live casino gaming has offered a reprieve. You can read about the best online casinos in Canada to check it. Technologies such as Virtual Reality have come in handy for casinos and casino fans during these social distancing times.

If you are missing the feel and impression of the real casino and you want to interact with a real dealer, you have to try live casino. Due to the current state of affairs most casinos across the globe use this mode to give their punters the closest thing to real casino.

Punters can access most of the popular games on live casino. The games include the roulette, blackjack, baccarat among others. You can access all these games directly from your mobile phone or tablet.

Way Forward

When or normal daily routine is interrupted suddenly, we get experience mixed emotions like hope, conspiracy, monotony, uncertainty and disappointment.  But, the best course of action is to look forward to a time when things will go back to normal.

Whatever happened in Saskatchewan in Canada is a reflection of what is happening globally. Many employees in several industries are finding themselves helpless after being abandoned by their employers.

What will keep us going is the hope that things will get better. But, corporations are urged to be more humane in the way they are dealing with the pandemic. Workers should be provided with an ongoing income to survive these tough times.

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  1. Greg Salter says

    Just want to clarify something that might not be obvious… “Crown” is not a company. In Canada, when we say something is a “crown corportation”, that means it is a company owned by the government.

    Similarly, when we say “crown prosecutor” in a legal case, it means the government prosecutor.

    The Queen of England is nothing more than a figurehead in Canada, but we do use the word “crown” to mean the government.

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