Cargus invests EUR 500,000 in new warehouse located in Buzau


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Cargus courier company operating on the local market for 30 years, has opened its standardised and modern warehouse, in Buzau, following a 500,000 euro investment. The new warehouse has a built-to-suit concept for the courier business, which can sustain further volume growth while maintaining the best service quality offered to clients, through increasing efficiency of handling parcels inside the warehouse and helping couriers to maximize operational window on the route.

“We wish to expand in a way that is as efficient and agile as possible, and the warehouse in Buzau is another step in that direction. Its main advantage is exactly the fact that it does not offer a large storing space, but modern logistics instruments through which couriers unload and load vehicles fast. As such, our clients’ parcels are processed much more efficiently. Thus, both our couriers benefit of this investment, by optimizing their routes and being more productive every day, as well as our clients in the respective area through a high service delivery standard”, Diana Gheorghe, Chief Operating Officer, Cargus stated.

The warehouse in Buzău has an operational area of ​​1,385 sqm, to which a 280 sqm space dedicated to offices is added. Thanks to the ramps and drive in gates, the warehouse allows for a cross-docking model, processing of a wide range of weights and volumes and couriers’ faster unloading and loading of the vehicles. Thus, Cargus offers both to couriers and clients services exceeding expected quality as result of proper timing and flexible entry and exit options on routes, generating as outcome quality and on time delivery of parcels to the customers.

The structure also includes a Ship & Go point, the Cargus concept created as an integrated home delivery option for clients. In the new format, the Ship & Go point built into the warehouse offers customers a unified image for Cargus services provided from pick-up to delivery.

The warehouse in Buzău entailed an investment of 500,000 euro, which includes the execution of the design and the technical capabilities that allow for greater efficiency of operations. Thus, Cargus continues its expansion plans, after the opening of the CTP Dragomirești and Timișoara warehouses. The new warehouse is located in the peripheral area of ​​Buzău, with easy access to city and external areas serviced by this location, the company also taking into account environmental issues when deciding on its location.

Recently, Cargus also announced an investment of 2.25 million euro for equipping couriers with Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) devices, which will facilitate their activity and reduce delivery time. In the coming period, Cargus will continue to invest in streamlining its operations. All these plans are part of the strategy of the Mid Europa Partners investment fund, one of the most active investors in Romania, which took over Cargus at the beginning of 2019.

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