Centrul Fericirii Bucuresti joins FIT4YOU beauty&wellness group

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Centrul Fericirii Bucuresti, the first integrative transformation centre in Romania, has announced the sale of its majority shares to FIT4YOU beauty&wellness group.

Set up in 2015, Centrul Fericirii has brought a new concept on the wellbeing local market, wwhich generated a turnover of more than RON 2 million last year, a net profitability of 20pc and over 10,000 customers overall.

Centrul Fericirii has brought the promised wellbeing to thousands of guests for all these years. To take the dream further I decided to sell the majority shares to FIT4YOU business in order to develop an excellence place in Romania by uniting two strong entities of the beauty&wellness industry. Centrul Fericirii will be rebranded. The B2C (business to consumer) segment will turn into FIT4YOU in several months, but Centrul Fericirii brand will remain to serve customers on B2B ( corporate programmes)” , said Florina Oneţiu, founder  Centrul Fericirii.

The new shareholders will maintain the same integrated services areas within Centrul Fericirii on the Wellness segment (body reshaping, face-lift beauty, weight-loss, cellulite removal, toning, detox, permanent hair removal, facial lifting & anti-age therapies, etc), on the Kinetotherapy, nutrition, psychotherapy, bio-resonance segments, on the Customized Training area and in the Lounge area (drinks and care products).

The new centre will be equipped with cutting-edge devices for the body and face therapies, and is coming up with innovative concepts to provide customers with complete healthy menus for an entire day, made by nutritionists, which will be delivered directly at home and at the office.

Fit4You comprises a network of beauty&wellness centres equipped with the latest technologies, always focused to provide customers with the most efficient options for treatments. I am convinced that together with Centrul Fericirii we’ll manage to build the most performing beauty&wellness network in Romania. The impact we are seeking will boost both the final consumer and also the evolution and professionalization of the wellness industry in Romania,” stated Mircea Brânzei, founder FIT4YOU.

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