Changes in the top management team of ESSA Group

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After almost a year since the transformation of ESSA Sales & Distribution from SRL into SA, a business with a turnover of 14.3 million euros in 2019, the company’s management announces changes in the leadership team, starting from October 15, 2020.

More precisely, following the model of large companies that have reached maturity, the company’s founder and majority shareholder, Eugen Saulea, promoted Lucian Pavelescu and Andreea Adam to the company’s board, in order to take over the major responsibilities within the ESSA Group. Therefore, starting from the middle of this month (n.r .: October), Andreea Adam will take over the full representation of ESSA in the big tenders and will be mandated to negotiate and sign new contracts or strategic projects.

„Lucian and Andreea had a special contribution in the formation of the teams and in the creation of a belonging to the ESSA values. The personnel fluctuation is below 10% in the regions they coordinated, which shows us very clearly that the employees feel and want to be part of ESSA there ”, says Eugen Saulea, founder of ESSA Group.

Andreea Adam has been part of the ESSA group since 2006, and her first job was as a supervisor on merchandising services in Brașov. A year later, she was promoted to the position of Area Manager, thus managing counties bordering her city of residence – respectively Brașov. Between 2008 and 2010, she was relocated to Bucharest, in the structure of Customer Service Merchandising, holding the position of Project Manager, and since 2010 she returned to Brașov where she holds the position of Regional Director for Muntenia, Transylvania and Maramureș, through which she coordinates an average number of over 370 permanent employees. And that means 35% of the company’s total turnover. Also, its activity is divided between the company’s social representation programs, and since 2019 she is part of the ESSA board of directors, thus participating in the company’s major decisions.

Also, from the beginning of this month, Lucian Pavelescu will have a full mandate in representing ESSA in the processes of purchasing external services such as leasing, utilities, storage capacity or courier.

Lucian Pavelescu has been working in the ESSA Group since 2006. He initially started as a merchandiser in the multi-client structure and was later promoted to the role of hybrid supervisor, a mixed merchandiser and field control activity, for a short period of time. Between 2009 and 2019 he held the position of Area Manager, and since 2012 and until now that of regional director for Oltenia, Banat and Crișana, where he coordinates an average number of 500 permanent employees. An area that translates into 25% of ESSA’s turnover. He has administrative and operational experience at senior level in the area of merchandising services, staff leasing and logistics services. With the change in the organization of the company, he became a member of the ESSA Board of Directors.

The labor market in these regions is very difficult, comparable to Bucharest. We have the counties of Cluj, Timiș, Brașov – in the top of the areas with the highest salaries and the lowest human resources available for programs such as those implemented by ESSA. Fortunately, in Timiș and Cluj counties, we have the highest rating in the category of profile agencies, which made the personnel fluctuation to be at minimal values and the human resources available in the area to choose us as a first option when they are looking for a job. At this moment, all of our jobs are occupied and we honor in a proportion of over 98% all the GOP or POSM project base orders ”, explains Eugen Saulea.

In terms of volumes, the two regions generate together, in the company’s turnover, more than the Bucharest area (40%), respectively 60%. “As for their image, we are talking about top cities, and the execution must be impeccable. From this perspective, ESSA has the second largest logistics hub in the country in Cluj. Here, we have a field management structure both for the operational component, implementations of merchandising programs, and for logistics – warehouses / POSM. In the near future, a direct distribution point will be opened in this city, FMCG products for a large ESSA partner “, says the entrepreneur.

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