Chinese lighting factory creates 600 jobs in Braila

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Liting Universal Group, a Chinese company with turnover of USD 80 million, bought Armonia Shopping Center in Braila, where opens a unit that will manufacture electrical products for housing, mainly based on LED technology.

600 new jobs will be created here over the next three years.

“There were presented several variants of public and private land, there were negotiations and finally they chose to purchase a private commercial space to gain time in order to start production. They negotiated with several owners in Braila and chose Armonia Shopping Center,” Viorel Marian Dragomir, Mayor of Braila.

Thus, Glorious Lighting SRL was established on March 17 in Braila, and a few days ago the purchase of Armonia Shopping Center, with an area of nearly 20 hectares, was completed.

Part of the building will be used for production and the difference will be offered to Asian partners for extending the business. Moreover, Shanghai-based Liting Universal Group will carry out in Braila an European center for operations and a hub for the operations of other European regions.

First, the Chinese investor will hire 200 persons and their number will grow to 600 until 2020. There will be employed executives, engineers, technicians and workers.

“Production is expected to begin in the winter of this year”, added the mayor of Braila.

According to him, the local authorities are reade to offer support in dealing with utility providers, support for organizing job fairs and support for corporate partners.

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