Chiritoiu, Competition Council: Romania to hang up the unprofitable energy units by 2018


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Romania have to close down in three years all the unprofitable energy facilities. It will be difficult to the authorities to persuade the EU that they are not trying to circumvent the rules, because they have a low credibility, the president of the Competition Council, Bogdan Chiritoiu, said during ZF Power Summit on Monday.

He mentioned in this context about the EUR 1 billion loss registered by Hunedoara Energy Complex last year, which can be considered state aid.

(…) We must convince that our solutions have an economic logic and they are not a way to circumvent their rules. (…) It will not be easy to convince them that we need a capacity which produces (ed.note electricity) of RON 300, when the energy price is RON 100,” Chiritoiu added.

Attending the event, the energy minister Andrei Gerea said the state is trying to bail out Oltenia and Huneadoara energy complexes, which are in a difficult situation. According to him, although it is essential for the security of the national energy system, Hunedoara Energy Complex is uncompetitive and it can not meet the demands of the market economy.

He also said that Romania’s energy strategy could be ready in September-October 2015 period, but it ought to be accompanied by a re-industrialization strategy.

In another context, Niculae Havrilet, president of energy authority ANRE, announced that along with the specialized authorities, the price of gas for the population to reach RON 58 per MWh from July 1. “(…) This (ed.note value) will remain until April 1 next year. We asked not to make quarterly increases because is difficult and complicated to calculate it,” Havrilet said. He also pointed out that gas prices could drop following the entry for consumption of those from Black Sea.







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