Coal imports are growing twice faster than the domestic production, INS shows


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Last year, Romania’s net coal output totaled 4.679 million tonnes of oil equivalent, up by 6.3 percent (277,200 toe) than in 2014, National Institute of Statistics (INS) data inform.

At the same time, Romania imported 556,400 toe of net coal, up by 55,000 toe (11 percent) compared to the quantity imported in the previous year.

According to the Energy Strategy of Romania 2015-2035 draft, published late last year on the Ministry of Energy website, the total production capacity of lignite amounts to about 33 million tons / year, while domestic lignite consumption is about 23 million tons / year, which means a production overcapacity of about 10 million tons / year.

Meanwhile, the national hard coal production does not cover the demand at the internal market level, requiring imports.

According to the Energy Balance Prognosis carried by the National Commission for Economic Forecasting (CNP) data, Romania’s coal production will increase, in the next four years, by 11.5 percent while imports will stay at the level of 2015.

Romania’s energy resources will reach 43.3 million tonnes of oil equivalent next years, up by 1.6 percent compared to this year.


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