Coface Technologies to hire 30 specialists in core business apps

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Six months after the inauguration of the IT development centre in Bucharest, Coface Technologies has already formed its first functional teams and has also launched the first successful projects, such as the automation of fee calculations, and the damage management applications used by Coface entities based in Central and Northern Europe, a press release informs.

The autonomous commercial credit insurance sector does not exist for all “core” activities, which causes Coface to internally develop the most important business applications.

“The Coface Technologies project is a successful and permanently evolving project, growing as expected. Despite the fact that the IT market is competitive, we have attracted talents for our specialists’ team. One of our great challenges is to find a significant number of Java programmers, database specialists. We are convinced that we will grow, and that, in the end, we will have an extraordinary team that will ensure the business of the entire Coface Group,” Robert Lupoiu, Head of Development, Coface Technologies, stated.

On a highly competitive market, 30 of the 80 positions of IT specialists vacant have been filled, as the ambitious goal is to increase and complete the team in early 2018. To that end, Coface Technologies continues to seek programming specialists in core business applications.

All IT recruited specialists benefit from in-house and external training programs to keep informed constantly from a technical point of view: they undertake training on a number of functional, methodological and technical subjects, constantly aware of all the changes available, to be able to permanently improve themselves in different areas. 

The Coface Technologies IT Centre covers an area of 1,100 square meters in the Globalworth Plaza (Nusco Tower building), located in the Pipera area. The opening of the office required an investment of approximately EUR 500,000, costs which are related to the technical equipment, and furniture acquisitions, without considering the personnel expenses.


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