Comarnic-Brasov highway, a new delay: „The project must be restructured”. Discussions with Strabag-Vinci-Aktor consortium continue

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Ministry of Transport had to present to Government the situation and the decision on Comarnic – Brasov highway construction until February 15, 2015. This topic has been debated publicly, but with hundreds of different positions. Comarnic – Brasov highway is necessary, but, following the debates, it was found that the project was hard to be financial supported by state budget, according to the relevant ministry, Agerpres informs.

„Comarnic-Brasov motorway project will go ahead if its restructuring will succeed, respectively finding a better financial model for Romania’s budget, to achievement of whom international financial institutions such as the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to take part. On these restructuring coordinates of the project, the discussions with Strabag-Vinci-Aktor consortium will continue until April,” Ioan Rus, the transport minister said on Saturday.

He assured that it will not give up on the construction of a motorway between Comarnic and Brasov, nor abandon the idea of concession, but the authorities are looking for the best solution to be supported by both the ruling parties and opposition with which the people to agree on, and which to be within Romania’s current financial and economic conditions.

Ioan Rus added that in order to facilitate the connection between Bucharest and Brasov there is a new route analysis on Doftanei Valley, between Campina and Sacele, where a new national road will be completed by next year.

The total construction cost of the 53 km section of the highway, based on the winning bid is about EUR 1.8 billion, no VAT, of which EUR 198.5 million (11 percent) covers the construction of highway’s section 1, rehabilitation of DN1 (national road), the technical project for the entire highway, project’s organization and management, the costs incurred by the grantee to achieve the field investigations for the entire highway route.



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