African swine fever: New outbreak in Galati County. EC says no request for financial support received from Romania


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A new outbreak of African swine fever has been confirmed in Galati County, in a locality where nearby 15 pigs were slaughtered late last week due to the disease. This time the outbreak is in a household.

The outbreak has been confirmed in Tudor Vladimirescu commune, the third one in Galati County. The authorities have decided to slaughter all pigs as of Tuesday.

“We have the confirmation of another outbreak of swine fever in Tudor Vladimirescu commune. We analyzed the samples and we’ve taken the necessary measures, we will slaughter all the pigs in this locality. All pig owners will be compensated,” Galati County Prefect, Dorin Otrocol, said on Tuesday.

Also today, the European Commission said it has not received yet any official request from Romania for additional financial support in the context of the crisis regarding the African swine fever, although it can apply for a settlement of 50-75% of expenditures to compensate the farmers, informs.

The only money for Romania for the swine fever outbreak is the allotment from the EC, from the special budget to prevent the disease, i.e. about EUR 1.2 million for 2015-2018.

Statistics reveal that 77% of the African swine fever outbreaks in Europe have been identified in Romania.

“By now, the Commission cannot confirm a request for additional financial support, except for the one mentioned above,” EC spokesperson, Anca Paduraru, has told

Two months ago, Minister Daea announced official application

Agriculture Minister, Petre Daea, said on July 17 that he has requested in Brussels financial support for the Romanian farmers affected by the African swine fever and by the radical preventive measures that had to be made.

“I found it necessary, esteemed colleagues, to inform you and to take advantage of this meeting to request support, on behalf of my country. I have sent the two commissioners, Phil Hogan – Commissioner for Agriculture and Vytenis Andriukaitis – Commissioner for health and food safety, a request for financial support, in order to help the Romanian farmers affected by the virus and by the radical measures needed. Romania thus appeals to the EU financial support granted on the basis of Regulation no.652/2014 and Regulation no. 1308/2013,” Petre Daea said to the EU Agriculture Ministers Council, according to a release from the Agriculture Ministry (MADR).

The number of outbreaks of African swine fever in Romania exceeded 826 in 190 localities in 12 counties, and the total number of pigs affected by the disease or slaughtered has reached almost 160,000, the National Authority for Veterinary Health and Food Safety (ANSVSA) announced last Thursday.

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