EC to grant Romania EUR 34.3m financial support for the fight against African swine fever


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The European Commission will reimburse Romania 75% of the costs of fighting the African swine fever, the Government has announced on Friday.

“The European Commission has decided to grant Romania EUR 34,278,750 as reimbursement of the costs to fight the African swine fever. The EC decision represents 75% of the eligible costs for Romania in emergency cases on swine fever starting since June 18, 2018,” Agriculture Minister Petre Daea said.

The minister added that the eligible costs estimated by the EC in 2018, as emergency measures by Romania, following the figures sent by the Romanian authorities, amount to EUR 45.7 million, with the grant representing 75% of the sum.

According to the Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety National Authority (ANSVSA), on November 29, 2018, some 1,124 outbreaks were active in Romania, of which 16 in commercial exploitations and 300 on wild boars. Until now 361,719 pigs have been slaughtered. ANSVSA has announced that 7,953 owners have been compensated with the overall amount of RON 205.65 million.

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