Eurostat: Romania’s agricultural production – EUR 15.5 billion in 2014, i.e. 4 pc of the EU’s

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The value of agricultural production in Romania last year amounted to EUR 15.48 billion, representing 3.95% of the total production in the European Union of EUR 392.3 billion, Eurostat reports, according to Mediafax.

France, whose agricultural production is estimated to EUR 70.58 billion (18% of the EU’s production) ranks first, followed by Germany with EUR 51.03 billion (13% of the total), Italy (EUR 48.35 billion or 12.3% of total), Spain (EUR 41.1 billion or 10.47% of total) and the UK (EUR 30.57 billion or 7.8% of the total).

The top of the countries whose agricultural production exceeds 10 billion is completed by the Netherlands, with an agricultural production worth EUR 26.75 billion (6.8% of the total), Poland (EUR 22.56 billion or 5.75% of the total) and Denmark (EUR 10.46 billion or 2.66% of total).

In contrast, agricultural production in Malta last year amounted to EUR 120 million, to EUR 413 million in Luxembourg, while the value of production in Cyprus and Estonia was EUR 699 million and EUR 838 million respectively.

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