Brand Finance Romania 50 2024: New entries and exits


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QFort, Autonom and LUCA entered, for the first time, in the ranking of the most valuable Romanian brands, replacing the brands BILKA, CFR and Bucegi, which leave the hierarchy, according to the latest  Brand Finance report.

The same report shows that Dacia (brand value increasing by 11%, up to 1.2 billion euros) remains the most valuable Romanian brand and distances itself in first place in front of eMAG (which decreased in brand value for the second consecutive year, to 824 million euros)
While eMAG and Dedeman fell in value, Banca Transilvania remains the strongest Romanian brand, with a AAA+ rating.
The report notes that brands created by the private sector in the last 35 years dominate the top 50 ranking both in number (over 70%) and in total value.
Banca Transilvania moves up one place and thus accesses the podium of the ranking, in third position, with an increase in value of 11%, up to 641 million euros, according to the latest Brand Finance report. Banca Transilvania is also the strongest Romanian brand, with an AAA+ elite rating, and for the third year in a row it is among the ten strongest banking brands in the global ranking.
The growth of the Banca Transilvania brand was generated by a solid financial performance, the concern for digital transformation and the pursuit of customer satisfaction.

Dacia (brand value increasing by 11%, up to 1.2 billion euros) remains the most valuable Romanian brand and distances itself in first place in front of eMAG (which decreased in brand value for the second consecutive year, to 824 million euros).

The return of Dacia (which in 2022 temporarily lost the first position to eMAG) reflects the opposite evolution of the two categories before and after the pandemic: the car market recovered as people started moving again, while online commerce and has slowed its pace of growth, even as consumer buying habits continue to migrate online.
“The firm re-installation of the Dacia brand at the top of the ranking and the decrease in value of the eMAG brand do not reflect a dominant position of the traditional brands, with notoriety, in front of the brands from the ‘new economy’; on the contrary, the new brands, created in the last decades, dominates the ranking by far,” said Mihai Bogdan, Managing Director, Brand Finance Romania.
The retail sector showed a mixed performance, with top brands eMAG and Dedeman falling in value and the cumulative value of the sector down 1%; Dedeman remains the most valuable brand owned entirely by Romanian shareholders, but with brand value decreasing by 9%, to 481 million euros, dropping two places to fifth place.
In particular, the pharmaceutical retail brands (Farmacia Tei and Help Net) registered a slight increase in value. In contrast to the deceleration of the Romanian economy as a whole (growth of only 2% in 2023), the combined value of the 50 most valuable Romanian brands increased by 6% compared to the previous year, reaching 7 billion euros – proving once again that businesses under strong brands endure and thrive even in a turbulent environment.
Although the Romanian economy has not had significant economic ties with Russia and Ukraine, the shock waves of the war caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine – which is expected to continue for the foreseeable future – may still cause unpredictable disruptions.
New brands, created and developed by entrepreneurs and private companies in the last 35 years, represent over 70% (in terms of number of brands) and over 60% in terms of brand value in the Brand Finance Romania 50 2024 ranking.
The brand value ranking has seen a low rate of fluctuation over the years, with only a few brands entering/exiting the top 50 each year. This year, the second part of the ranking was more animated, with three entrepreneurial brands entering the ranking for the first time: QFort (42nd place), Autonom (46th place) and LUCA (48th place).
Inevitably, for each new entry, another brand must come out, so that three brands present last year are no longer in this year’s ranking, namely BILKA, CFR and Bucegi.

“The first half of the ranking, dominated by more established brands, shows low fluctuation – the top 10 brands are the same as last year – while the second half is more effervescent, and it is much more likely to find future top brands here. With however, a common (and limiting) factor of the entire ranking is the low appetite for internationalization,” explained Mihai Bogdan.
In addition to the analysis of individual brands, the Brand Finance Romania 50 report also ranks the 10 most valuable brand portfolios, calculated for those businesses that use more than one brand on the market. These portfolios comprise more than 40 well-known local brands, the most valuable of which are also present individually in the main ranking of the 50 most valuable brands. The list of the top 10 portfolios has remained practically unchanged since 2017, with no competitors growing fast enough to enter the top 10.
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