Fuel prices on steady increase in 2019

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For more than two months, the fuel prices are on the rise, with almost daily increases. Since the end of January the prices have soared by RON 0.50 per litre, Realitatea TV private broadcaster informs.

The most significant price increase is noticed for petrol. On January 1, 2019 a full tank of 50 litres was RON 251 and currently for the same quantity one must pay RON 282, if average prices are considered. During this interval the price of petrol has soared from RON 5.02 per litre to RON 5.64 per litre, i.e. by RON 0.62 per litre, the same source informs.

A 50-litre full tank of diesel fuel was in January RON 269.50 and has reached currently RON 291.50, i.e. by RON 22 more. During this interval the price of diesel fuel has increased by RON 0.44 per litre, from RON 5.39 per litre to RON 5.83 per litre.

The average diesel fuel prices is in Romania of EUR 1.23 per litre, within the region’s average, with the exception of Bulgaria where the petrol price was EUR 1.19 per litre, one of the lowest in the European Union, Oil Bulletin informs.


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