Update: Oltenia EC miners to resume work after negotiations. Largest thermal power plant shut down. Energy prices reached record highs Thursday morning


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The first group of the Rovinari thermal power plant has already been closed during the night of Wednesday to Thursday. The rest of the groups were to be closed Thursday morning. Against the backdrop of energy shortages, Romania massively imported electricity at 9.00h on Thursday. At a consumption of 8,900 MW, imports were of over 1,500 MW. The Government still seems to have no solutions to solve the energy crisis which started after the miners from the Oltenia Energy Complex have started a spontaneous strike. 6 days after the start of the miners’ strike, Energy Minister Anton Anton has been persuaded to go to Târgu-Jiu to discuss with the trade union leaders, hotnews.ro reports.

Until Thursday, the minister refused to go meet the miners.

Anton Anton was present in Târgu-Jiu around noon for negotiations. The negotiations between the ministry representatives and Oltenia Energy Complex trade unionists reached heated debates, with disputes over a document reading increase by RON 1,000 of gross wage instead of RON 1,000 net wage.

Nevertheless, following the negotiations, the miners are to resume work at Roşia, Rovinari, Tismana, Jilţ Nord, Jilţ Sud, Lupoaia and Husnicioara. Miners from other three quarries are being informed about the results of negotiations.

Energy Complex president Sorin Boza said later on Thursday that, following the discussions, it was agreed upon an increase of RON 1,000 to the gross wage, meaning RON 585 to the net wage, for all the production, maintenance and transport  staff, RON 409 to the net wage for the foremen of working groups and for the management an increase by RON 292 to the net wage.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Victor Dăncilă had a meeting with Energy Minister Anton Anton and Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici, but they did not find any solution.

The miners started a spontaneous strike last Friday. The strike is not assumed by the trade unions.

The miners’ protests can have serious effects on the activity of thermal plants. The coal plant in Rovinari, for example, will have no coal stock in a few hours, and if the lignite delivery is not resumed, the three groups that operate and produce energy are likely to be shut down.

The average energy price reaches historic high of RON 507/MWh

On Thursday morning, Romanians have consumed the most expensive electricity in the past two years. The price on the stock exchange reached RON 507/MWh, by RON 2 more than the historic high recorded in January 2017. Analysts say there are numerous causes that have led to this record. Among them, production is lower than required and the new tax imposed on energy companies. The stock exchange also reacted to the miners’ strike.

The energy price in Romania is the highest in Europe. It is by EUR 17 higher than in Hungary and twice as high as in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, countries interconnected with our country.

Premier’s control body to conduct checks at Oltenia Energy Complex

On the decision of Prime Minister Viorica Dancila, as of January 17, 2019, the Prime Minister’s Control Body has started checks at Oltenia Energy Complex. The checks aim at meeting the legal provisions on corporate governance, the setting and granting of wage rights for the staff, meeting the health and security norms, the exploitation of mineral resources and building the stocks, completing the annual investment and development programmes, reads a release from the Government, quoted by antena3.ro.

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