Ion Tiriac allegedly intends to buy the Ford centre in Metro Baneasa area from Calin Popescu Tariceanu


The group owned by former tennis player Ion Tiriac is carrying advanced negotiations to rent the Ford centre in Metro Baneasa area, informs. The centre is currently owned by Automotive Trading Services (ATS), whose major shareholder with 85% is former prime minister, the incumbent Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu (photo).

According to the source, the talks are focused both on the selling of the centre, but also on its lease, if ATS is asking for a too higher price and Ion Tiriac cannot make such an investment.

“We do not confirm this information at the moment. If and when eventually the situation will become certain, we’ll elaborate and we’ll deliver information on the subject,” said Tiriac Holdings representatives, while the ATS director Bogdan Bucurescu had no comment.

If this transaction will be completed, the former prime minister would exit the local auto market, while maintaining only the business with Harley-Davidson. In 2007 Tariceanu invested EUR 11.5 million in the centre of Baneasa area, which is one of the most expensive auto centres in the capital.

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