How many Romanians use an Ad Blocker?

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A recent PageFair study conducted in partnership with Adobe, over 2 million Romanian Internet surfers have used an Ad Blocker this year to avoid online advertising. Practically, their number went fourfold in two years, as they were 500,000 of them in 2013. According to a forecast unveiled by, in 2017 there will be around 5 millions who will be hedging against online ads.

Almost 200 millions users worldwide are not seeing Internet ads, out of the total number of almost 3 billions users.

Practically, the only advertising type that no Ad Blocker can block is the original and relevant content, such as blogs, an YouTube channel, a Facebook page, online content projects and so on.

Later this year, Apple’s iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 will enable developers to add extensions that will block ads in Safari. Earlier this month, Google’s CEO Larry Page was asked at the company’s annual general meeting whether the use of adblocking was having any effect on Google’s revenues (90 percent of which come from Web ads). Page dodged the question, but, according to PageFair international startup, Google is losing about $6.6 billion per year globally through lost chances to show ads to people.

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