Romanian’s Fyuse application competes with Facebook

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Facebook is threatened when it comes to celebrity by the application of a Romanian. It is not a social network, but a program taking pictures from all angles and is already used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Fyuse application was made in Silicon Valley, the IT capital of the world, and is just the beginning of a fascinating journey, said the programmer.

“This surround view or spatial photo aims at capturing a particular space, in which you move with a camera, in an as compact as possible way. We wanted to have something unique, the users to become active, artists in some way,” said Romanian programmer Radu Rusu, according to Digi 24.

The application is called Fyuse and is Radu Rusu’s creation, who led a team of 14 specialists in robotics. It took them two years to turn an ambitious idea into reality. Now anyone can take “spatial” pictures if they download the program and if they make a free account. The smartphone does the rest when it is moved around a person or object.

“In terms of user data base, basically we ranked fourth for the first time in the United States. We know that we are among the first applications of this kind in Japan,” said Radu Rusu.

Experts believe that Fyuse will change forever the Internet world and can easily reach the celebrity Facebook or Google enjoys.

Launched last year, before Christmas, Fyuse was downloaded for hundreds of thousands of times, by people all over the world. It was developed using grants of over USD 3 million received from important companies in Silicon Valley and Japan.

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