Two Romanians invent int’lly awarded application

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An application designed by two Romanian computer engineers was awarded in an international competition and drew the attention of the industry. The application simulates a military barracks where soldiers execute commands and react in accordance with the player’s facial expression.

Drill Sergeant Simulator, a game-application created by Silviu Serban and Andrei Nistor, stage a whole virtual platoon of soldiers who respond to voice commands and perform dozens of orders without even blinking.

The game is redefining the interaction between human and computer. “It is based on the 3D camera which captures also depth. Thus, it can recognize hand gestures, face emotion and also it can recognize voice commands,” says Silviu Serban, R&D engineer, as quoted by Digi24.

“We entered the production in early December. By mid-February we finished the prototype and since then we continue the new extended version,” added Andrei Nistor.

So far, the project was awarded a prize of USD 10,000 in an international competition with seven thousand participants.

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