New promotional channel for Romanian entrepreneurs offered free of charge by an extra-salary benefits platform


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Up Romania is launching a new promotional channel for Romanian entrepreneurs right in its platform of flexible extra-salary benefits – up MultiBeneficii. Those who have a business anywhere in Romania, online or offline can add offers to the platform through a 100% digital process, this tool being a first on the extra-salary market.

The offers entered online by entrepreneurs are displayed to the users of the up MultiBeneficii platform in the Special Offers category. From this category, employees who have access to this platform can select the services that interest them, filter the type of discount that suits them, access vouchers and gifts provided by partners. Over 50% of the offers are associated with HoReCa sectour (tourism and restaurants), but there are also offers from categories such as: Health, wellbeing, fashion, psychology, personal and professional development courses, leisure, etc.

The introduction flow of offers is easy to go through, 100% digital, in 3 intuitive steps: Fill out an offer registration form, sign a digital contract and add the details of the offer directly to the up MultiBeneficii platform. The service is made available to entrepreneurs, free of charge, to provide support for those who are just starting out in their business journey. The fact that a team of marketing specialists is available to provide advice and support further increases the value of this initiative.

The reason why Up Romania brought this service in the marketplace, equally advantageous for entrepreneurs and employees is to create a different, unique, inspiring experience, because the needs and preferences of employees are increasingly different, and they need freedom even when it comes to choosing extra-salary benefits and also to support the local entrepreneurship.

‘We’re excited to introduce a new promotional channel for Romanian entrepreneurs and provide fresh experiences and inspiration to users of the Up MultiBeneficii platform. This is a unique offering in Romania, as no other extra-salary benefit platform on the market includes this service, 100% digital. Our goal is to disrupt the extra-salary benefits landscape by bringing innovative and creative solutions that address the current market demands. Companies in Romania need to differentiate themselves through their benefit package, entrepreneurs seek new communication channels, and employees desire more flexibility and choice in their extra-wage benefits. Up MultiBeneficii meets all these needs and stands out as the most desirable solution available”, says Loredana Vătăvoiu, Marketing Director Up Romania.

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