Weird names of Romanian companies stir smiles: The Last Neuron SRL, Hell SRL, Abyss SRL, Prince Charming SRL


The National Office of Trade Registry (ONRC) has registered many companies with weird names, which have been analysed by the KeysFin specialists.

According to the information from ONRC, there are 22,000 companies with names that include the word ‘Trans’, then ‘Impex’ (17,702), Construct (17,582), Consulting (11,339), Group/Grup (10,443), Invest (9,210), Euro (7,322), Top (5,122), International (5,084) and Business (4,714).

Other popular names are Star, Tech, Management, Media, Expert, Concept and Logistic.

Some weird names are (translated in English): Simple and Effective SRL, Of Course SRL, Voodoo Solutions, The Last Neuron SRL, Dragon SRL, Prince Charming SRL, Cormorant SRL, The Abyss SRL, Bankruptcy SRL, Hell SRL.

Other companies have names which include words such as Convenient, Favourite, Elixir, Fortuna, Transcend, Solemn, Sincere, Useful or Unique.

What about Vandame SRL, Madonna SRL, Elvis SRL, Metalica SRL, Cic-Ceak Construct SRL, etc.

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