Competition Council approves with conditions A & D Pharma Holdings taking over


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The Competition Council had authorized with conditions the transaction through which Glebi Holdings PLC took over A&D Pharma Holdings NV, a press release informs.

Glebi Holdings PLC is part of the Czech-based Penta Group, a group specialized on long term investments, targeting different fields, such as: gambling, financial services, pharmaceutical services (through the Group Dr. Max), production, real estate investments, retail or media.

A&D Pharma is an integrated group, active especially at the level of wholesale of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products (through Mediplus Exim SRL and A&D Pharma Marketing & Sales Services SRL) and at the level of retail of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products, managing Sensiblu and Punkt chains of pharmacies.

The A&D Pharma Group is also present on the wholesale market of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products from other countries from Central and East Europe, such as Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary.

”As a result of the analysis, the Competition Council found that this operation generates overlaps in both the retail and wholesale market of pharmaceuticals and parapharmaceuticals. This could have led to the strengthening of Glebi Holdings PLC’s position in the retail market for pharmaceuticals and parapharmaceuticals,” the release reads.

The transaction was authorized subject to certain commitments made by Glebi Holdings. Thus, Glebi has committed to sell 18 ’Arta’ pharmacies.

No competitive concerns were identified on the other relevant markets where horizontal overlaps occurred.

Further to the commitments assumed by the involved parties, the Competition Council found that the merger does not raise significant obstacles to competition on the Romanian market, especially by creating or consolidating a dominant position.

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