Content platform for HR specialists, employees, and students launched in Romania and in the region

0 20, the largest online community that offers reviews about employers, salary information or the work environment in companies, launches the first collaborative learning community in Romania. Named “Cumlucram”, the extension offers content for HR specialists, employees, candidates and students and is already available in Romania. The company’s management intends to launch versions for Greece, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Ukraine by the end of the year.

By the end of the year, over 40 HR specialists, professional counseling, career coaching, marketing and employer branding, personal branding, financial education, sales will write in the community.

 The first collaborative learning community in Romania. Vision: reciprocity

“We believe in reciprocity. As our community members constantly offer us content and share their experience with various organizations, we want to provide them support in their development. We want to have a solution for every problem they face professionally and we want them to receive valuable information and lessons through just three minutes of reading a day. The main objective for the platform on the Romanian market is to bring solution-focused content to any young person at the beginning of their career, employee, manager or HR person. A secondary objective is to highlight the specialists from different areas of expertise by becoming contributors in the first collaborative learning community in Romania”, explains Andra Pintican, chief marketing director of

The platform will address topics such as preparing for an interview, identifying and treating burnout, the first steps in taking over the leadership of a team, how to outline a professional development strategy or how to manage job negotiations.

In the beginning, the content will consist of articles, but in the future, Undelucram plans to produce video content.

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