Continental Romania, investments of EUR 200 M in new offices last year


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The technology company Continental has invested about EUR 200 million in its operations in Romania in 2019. The company has launched a new production module in Sibiu, and a new R&D building in Timisoara. The extension of an office building with a planned investment of EUR 27 million will be inaugurated this year in Iasi.

The company has invested in cutting-edge equipment in all its locations; the IT&C specialists and engineers have continued to shape the automotive world’s future by developing technologies with a strong impact on the clean and sustainable mobility of the future. The use of artificial intelligence, cloud technology and cyber security are areas that Romanian teams work in for the development and implementation of the industry megatrends, such as connectivity or automated driving.

“Continental is shaping tomorrow through its software. The engineers and IT&C specialists from Romania create technologies of the future. We have developed the CORY application, a system which encourages the environmental protection by reducing the car traffic, the parking space and the time the employees spend on their way to work by car sharing. The research and development centers in Romania are continuously working on developing technologies such as high automated driving for commercial vehicles, the server which connects electric vehicles, the combination of the front and the interior camera for automated driving, the human-machine interface, the development of passive and active safety systems etc. We put the future in motion,” said Dr. Christian von Albrichsfeld, Head of Country Continental Romania.

Depending on the future projects and the development of the industry, the company will continue looking for new colleagues for its team in Romania.

The company works towards connectivity and automated driving technologies, as well as the implementation of Industry 4.0 in the production units. Last year, Continental inaugurated the fully automated storage system in the direction of Industry 4.0. The activity from ContiTech production units and within the tires factory support the steps the company does regarding the development of Industry 4.0 in increasing the efficiency and quality of products company makes.

The focus of the company is on projects regarding a healthy mobility ecosystem, which aims at a sustainable and clean development of mobility, both at city and interurban level.

As a technology company, Continental aims to invest in partnerships with the Romanian cities where it operates, in order to make mobility more secure, interconnected and cleaner. It also seeks to identify local research and innovation opportunities and connect them with global mobility programs in order to help start new projects in Romania.

In 2020, the company plans investments similar to the ones done in 2019. The planning includes the finalization of the extension of the new office building in Iasi, a new office concept and laboratory building in Timisoara, and the acquisition of cutting-edge equipment. The company has also invested in educational projects, programs for students, as well as in the development of the dual vocational school in Romania.

At the end of 2019, the company had about 20,000 employees working in the engineering centers and the production units in Romania. The company has invested over 1 million euro in educational programs for universities and also supporting the development of the Dual Vocational School system.

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