Continental‘s AllCharge technology, developed at Timisoara, to be revealed at Frankfurt Motor Show

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German automotive group Continental will be present at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show in September with AllCharge system, developed at the unit in Timisoara, a press release informs. The technology will be also presented at Continental Tech Show in June 2017.

According to German officials, AllCharge is described as an answer to the problems posed by the non-standardized charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

The basic idea is simple. Rather than cramming the car with extra technology to match all the different types of charging station, Continental turns the electric powertrain itself into a ‘charger’. Dubbed the AllCharge system by Continental, this technology is based on the components of a conventional electric powertrain (comprising electric motor and inverter – for switching between DC and AC power).

Continental is now able to provide interoperability with different charging technologies using an onboard, vehicle-based solution.

As well as being able to charge their vehicle at any charging station, at an output rate of up to 800 V and up to 350 kW, drivers also have 230 volts of AC power available for onboard use if needed. The AllCharge system’s V2D (vehicle-to-device) technology also allows the vehicle battery to be used to power mobile electrical devices ranging from a laptop to a refrigerator or an electric drill.

“With Continental’s AllCharge powertrain, drivers no longer need to worry about finding the right type of charging station. Their vehicle is equipped for every type of technology, from single-phase or three-phase AC to high-speed DC systems,” Oliver Maiwald, Head of Technology & Innovation in the Powertrain Division at Continental stated.

At the Continental Tech Show and IAA 2017, Continental will host the first ever live demonstrations of the AllCharge system.




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