Contract for lot 5 of Comarnic-Brasov highway, inked

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The contract for the design and execution of the lot 5 of the Comarnic-Brasov highway, Rasnov – Cristian section, was signed on Monday, Minister of Transport Razvan Cuc attending the event, National Company of Road Infrastructure Management (CNAIR) informs.

It’s about 6.3 km of motorway, plus 3.7 km national road to 4 bands with median separator. The sector is part of lot 2, namely the Comarnic – Brasov section, of the Bucharest – Brasov highway, which will have 168 kilometers.

”The construction of the Comarnic-Brasov highway is vital for the Prahova Valley,” Minister of Transport pointed out.

However, specialists in the field say this is the most unnecessary section of the future Bucharest-Brasov highway, considering that the most crowded traffic is in Comarnic, Busteni, Azuga and on the ring road in Sinaia.

The contract, amounting to RON 118 million, is signed by CNAIR with Alpenside SRL – SC Specialist Consulting SRL joint venture. Considering the total contract amount and the length of the section (10 kilometers), it results a cost of RON 11.8 million/kilometer, or EUR 2.6 million/km.

”The constructor has 24 months to build it – 6 months for design and 18 months for execution – so the section will be completed in this term. I warn the constructor that time extensions or delay excuses will no longer be tolerated,” the Transport Minister said.

According to, Alpenside SRL (former Util Construct Plus) is owned by Florin Cristian Mihai and last year had a turnover of RON 106 million, a net loss of RON 8.8 million and 138 employees. Alpenside’s activity type is “Construction of utility projects for fluids”. Actually, CNAIR signs again a highway contract with a company with no experience in the field and without enough employees.


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