Cooperation in the time of coronavirus: Zentiva takes over IKEA employees

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Zentiva, the generic drugs group, has announced it had concluded a deal with IKEA in Romania to cooperate during the COVID-19 crisis and to reduce the impact of the economic crisis. More precisely, Zentiva has temporarily hired 18 IKEA employees for 3 months. The new employees will be integrated in the operations of the Zentiva plant to cover the growing production generated by the market’s demands.

“Zentiva is working on several projects in Europe to provide supplies of medicines and to protect people. We hail IKEA’s initiative to look for options for its employees and we are glad to help in these difficult times. The new colleagues will join our current efforts to produce medicines that are badly needed for the patients in the country. We are sure this type of cooperation can be replicated within the entire economy and can help employees in other fields that narrowed down their activity due to the pandemic“, said Margareta Tănase, Industrial Operation Manager Zentiva Romania.

“To endorse the actions to limit the pandemic’s spread, we have closed down all our stores and drop points starting March 20. Until things are getting back to normal and we are again able to welcome customers in our stores, we offered our colleagues the possibility to voluntarily join other sectors and companies that produce and deliver essential products to counter the coronavirus pandemic. We are happy to announce that the first group of 18 IKEA employees has joined Zentiva Romania,” said in her turn Violeta Neniță, Market Manager, IKEA Romania.

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