Cosmopolis residential complex to host the first strip mall in Romania

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By end-November, Opus Land Development will open for Cosmopolis residents, but not only for them, a commercial center for shopping and leisure. According to a press release, Cosmopolis Plaza, the first strip mall in Romania, will extend over a 10,000 sq m area and it is representing a EUR 2.2 million investment. The budget was allocated to develop the land and the construction and to provide the space with equipment and necessary facilities. This process lasted a year.

Cosmopolis Plaza will have as a main anchor a Carrefour supermarket, with a gross leasable area of 950 sq m. Other familiar brands that will be present in Cosmpolis are: Inmedio, VET Life pet shops, Ocean Fish store and Domino’s Pizza. The total rentable surface has 4,100 sq m. Conceived as a space for leisure, Cosmopolis Plaza will also provide the consumers restaurants, coffee bars, a children playground, a beauty salon.

“(…) Since we had started to develop the project, I knew how helpful is for people to find everything they need nearby. (…) From now on, the residents of Cosmopolis, most of them young families with children, have this opportunity and they can go shopping or spend some time close to their homes. Another very important thing I had in mind when I started to sketch plans for the strip mall, was to give the local entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop their businesses, regardless of size. (…)” Ahmet Buyukhanli, CEO Opus Land Development said.

Some of the smaller businesses developed by local entrepreneurs from Cosmopolis are: a beauty salon, an organic products shop, a shop for children, a flower shop, a bakery, a butcher shop and a coffee & sweets shop.

The facilities that Cosmopolis Plaza will provide, will complete the existing facilities: playgrounds for children, seven outdoor swimming pools, a decorated lakeside beach, tennis and basketball courts, transportation to subway stations Aurel Vlaicu and Pipera and permanent security service.





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