Cotnari, gold winer at Budapest’s VINAGORA


The Cotnari wines have won eight gold medals at the international wine contest VINAGORA – Budapest held recently in Hungary, under the rules and patronage of the International Organization of Vine and Wine, a press release informs.

“The gold medal and Trophy for best local variety granted to ‘Grasa de Cotnari’, are even more precious if we consider that they were won in Hungary, the home country of the famous winemaker Tokay,” the quoted document reads.

The wine varieties awarded in Hungary are: Blanc Cotnari 2015, Feteasca Alba 1998, semi-sweet Grasa de Cotnari 2015, Grasa de Cotnari 1985, Grasa de Cotnari 2008, semi-dry Grasa de Cotnari 2015, semi-dry Romanian Tamaioasa 2015 and semi-sweet Romanian Tamaioasa, 2015.

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