COVID-19: Confindustria Romania extends technical support for its associates over Coronavirus epidemic

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In the three-year program, the recently elected president of Confindustria Romania, Giulio Bertola, had announced the creation of 2 DESK: Help Desk and Information Desk, to support the associates, but due to the emergency situation related to COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS), the activity of the 2 desks was amplified, in order to be able to provide adequate assistance in these difficult times.

After a careful analysis and software implementation by a team of experts as well as the adaptation of the platform, Confindustria Romania is able today to offer a concrete technical proposal to the support request from its associates throughout the country, thanks to the innovative initiative FILO DIRETTO ROMANIA, in which the functions of the 2 desks were integrated: Help Desk and Information Desk.

It’s a networking platform, essential for maintaining and managing in real time the contacts and information between companies and Confindustria Romania, even in emergencies of any kind: earthquakes, floods, epidemics, etc., eliminating distances, solving in this way both the problem of distance related to the geographical distribution of the Italian entrepreneurs throughout Romania, as well as the problem of the impossibility of entrepreneurs to come to Romania from Italy.

Through the FILO DIRETTO ROMANIA project, a “tailor made” system, which combines tradition and new technologies, requests and signals are managed with the utmost transparency and the response procedure can be adapted according to the needs. Each communication action or each interaction with an associate is archived and made available for statistical and technical analysis.

Through voice calls on fixed and mobile numbers, Confindustria Romania is today able to communicate in a few seconds at the same time with all associates, according to: region, field of activity, type of recipient, type of communication, type of the problem, age, etc.

It is a platform with free access for entrepreneurs and managers of the associated companies at Confindustria Romania.

Until the end of this emergency, FILO DIRETTO ROMANIA will be available free of charge for non-associates as well as for institutions and associations. Given this serious emergency, access to this platform is ensured to the entire business environment in Romania, without discrimination, as a social contribution of Confindustria Romania to the Italian community in Romania.

How to access FILO DIRETTO ROMANIA: enter the website, “EMERGENZA CORONAVIRUS” section, register and from that moment you are logged in, thus being able to receive complete information.                                                                                                                                                                

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