CRH Ciment Romania becomes ROMCIM

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ROMCIM is announced as the new name for CRH’s cement, aggregates, and concrete business in Romania as of 5th May 2021.

ROMCIM is an existing local brand, with more than 30 years history in the construction industry in Romania. The name change announced today is in keeping with CRH’s strategy to operate strong trusted local brands in each of its markets, supported by the capabilities and expertise of a leading global group.

“ROMCIM is an iconic brand in the Romanian construction industry and feels like “family” for generations of home builders, employees and the communities we operate in. ROMCIM is in our company’s DNA and is a solid foundation for the sustainable contribution we want to make to building homes and connecting cities in Romania. As a CRH company, ROMCIM offers the best of being a trusted local supplier, with the benefits of world class expertise in building materials from CRH”,said Guillaume Cavalier, Managing Director ROMCIM.

This change provides an opportunity to further advance ROMCIM’s commitment to sustainability. The company’s mission is: “What we leave behind matters!”. The new corporate identity embodies the company’s ambition to grow and build sustainably, to strengthen partnerships with customers and to innovate in the product range.

In March, the company added two products to its portfolio. Romcim Durabil is an ecological cement, with high durability in all environments including aggressive terrains (marine environment). Soilstab is a modern and efficient solution for stabilising soil for construction platforms, pavers, or small projects difficult to access, and is optimised to achieve both strong performance and sustainability criteria.

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