Critical moments call for faster, stronger decisions

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In today’s market, companies that want to be more competitive need to take advantage of the information they maintain, they need to convert data into knowledge, analyzing and using the information to support decision-making and the definition of successful business strategies.

In every organization there are three types of information needs: Operational, Tactical and Strategic. A Microstrategy Business Intelligence (“BI”) system collects the data recorded in every transaction at the Operational level so that, in an orderly, integrated and homogeneous manner, it becomes valuable information for management at the Tactical and Strategic levels. Hence the importance for companies of having a stable operational environment according to their needs. The data warehouse provides integrated information that can be used directly or through analytical tools for decision-making in the production area, and for this it needs a clear set of objectives in order to fulfill the critical success factors. The information is usually organized by topics of interest, and by functional areas. However, companies are changing their way of management following each and every one’s style of process management.

Let’s see how a good BI Solution can improves your business:

  1. Provision of quick answers to critical business questions. This also includes the possibility of analyzing a cycle or process, and a better, faster understanding of making optimal decisions, and necessary changes in the processes.
  2. Alignment of company activities with corporate strategy. A BI platform helps to keep these goals aligned, and to identify potential improvements.
  3. Empowerment of employees. Individuals in your company can make more assertive and timely decisions. This is extremely valuable to a team of vendors, for example! It drastically reduces the time for analysis, organization and interpretation of data.
  4. Reduced time to carry out extensive analyses in order to make strategic decisions. When well presented, BI information is better and more quickly interpreted.
  5. More extensive information about your clients. Who doesn’t want to better understand the audience they interact with and to meet consumers demands more accurately?
  6. Broader understanding of competitors. Such a platform provides a quick benchmarking against other players on the market, and it assists the company to take strategic decisions in due time.
  7. Identification of areas where cost-cutting is not harmful. It offers you insights with regard to the key processes in your company, and ways to improve them. This saves time, leads to increased productivity, and maximizes cash flow.

If you are looking for a state of the art BI and analytics solution, our knowledge works for you.

The MicroStrategy platform provides you with the best solution. We help you to make more appropriate decisions in your business strategy, anytime, anywhere. Two different ways, a unique smart solution: BI Mobile and Desktop platforms.

Now you can control your business directly from the phone; access local data stored in SQL Server or data in the cloud; be aware of KPIs and reports. Our BI Mobile platform gives you a global view of your data, anywhere.

The MicroStrategy platform provides all the capabilities organizations need to build and deploy analytics and mobility applications that transform and accelerate business. By putting answers in everyone’s hands, regardless of role, function, or skill level, MicroStrategy’s suite of products helps your organization become an Intelligent Enterprise.

It is important to know that all our people are trained with the 10X Program and Cardone University created by World’s Top Business Consultant Grant Cardone. You will notice our employee’s commitment and passion in delivering you the best results and experience.

We seize every opportunity to develop long-term business partnerships with companies who are or want to become leaders in their sector. We work closely with our network partners in order to deliver the best solutions available to our clients (Inmedio, F64, Metro, Mobile Media&Data Company – in Israel; Top Electronics Retailer – in Singapore; Metronom, Lagardere Travel Retail).

Is your business ready to take a big step? Perfect! Come talk to us and you will discover the value of your organization’s data by transforming it into information so that everyone can make decisions based on facts and not just opinions. Find more about us: Our address: Level 2, Bulevardul Marasti 2A Sector 1, Bucharest 011467, Romania. Phone: (0040) 742 980 958.

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