Cupru Min Abrud posts a first in its history: over 8,000 tons of pure copper exploited in 2017

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Romanian-state company Cupru Min Abrud surpassed the share of 8,000 tons of pure copper in 2017, for the first time in company’s history, after processing 38,300 tons of concentrate.

Cupru Min’s Board of Directors and Executive management announced on Thursday, in a press release, that the company’s total revenue increased by 35.8 percent last year.

Compared to 2016, in 2017, the volume of discovery made in the Rosia Poieni deposit stood at 137 percent, which means a mining mass of 1,725,000 tons. The investment discovery were even higher, representing 146.7 percent compared to the volume in 2016,” the release reads.

Company officials have reported that this is the basis for the increase in production in 2018.

The productivity increase is remarkable: of the 38,300 tons of concentrate copper, 8,010 tons of pure copper were obtained, compared to 7,800 in 2016, at a volume of 37,846 tons of concentrate.

Abrud-based Curpu Min is subordinated to the Ministry of Economy and has about 550 employees. The company exploits copper ore from the Rosia Poieni deposit, being the largest producer of copper concentrate, with approximately 60 percent of Romania’s copper reserve.

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