Cutting-edge cancer diagnosis equipment available in Romania following EUR 5m investment

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Affidea Center in Fundeni Clinical Institute becomes a Center of Excellence in Oncology and a Reference Center for GE Healthcare in Europe after Affidea had invested EUR 5 M last year in the most advanced GE radiological diagnostic equipment from Romania. As a European Reference Center for GE Healthcare, Affidea Center Fundeni will welcome medical teams from all over Europe, which will come here in order to study the best practices regarding the use of GE Healthcare’s advanced technologies for early diagnosis and monitoring of cancer patients, a press release informs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          75,000 new oncological cases are diagnosed annually in Romania and, according to the World Health Organization, the number is expected to significantly rise over the next two decades. From diagnostics to treatment, monitoring and outcome prediction, medical imaging has hence a key role to play in the care pathway of patients suffering from an oncological disease.

Over 170,000 patients are coming annually at Affidea Center of Excellence in Oncology for diagnostics or treatment monitoring, 80% of them being oncological patients. In order to provide them wit cutting-edge cancer diagnostic technologies, Affidea Romania has renewed the majority of the medical technologies in this centre last year, bringing the most advanced GE’s equipment for oncological imaging, including a three-dimensional breast imaging technology that provides precise images at lower-dose.

“In the changing landscape of healthcare services in Europe, Affidea has developed a successful business model, offering unique medical value for doctors and patients. Our mission is to provide authenticated, standardised and high-quality medical outcome in an efficient manner, offering in the same time a positive experience for our patients”, stated Dimitris Moulavasilis, CEO Affidea Group.

“Romania is a still growing market, and the needs for oncological medical services are still very high. The EUR 5 million investment in Affidea Fundeni Center confirms our commitment to offer Romanian patients high quality medical services and access to leading-edge medical technologies. We are happy that we could collaborate with GE Healthcare on this important project”, Dimitris Moulavasilis, CEO Affidea Group said in his turn.

“We are proud to collaborate with Affidea, one of the leading operators of diagnostic imaging services from Europe, in the transformation of Affidea Fundeni into a Reference Center for our innovative technologies, allowing physicians to learn about new applications, and patients to benefit from clinically advanced diagnostic care. This is an opportunity for GE Healthcare to reaffirm its long-standing technology partnership with Affidea, while helping contribute to the enhancement of oncology care for the people of Romania, stated Jean-Michel Malbrancq, President and CEO, GE Healthcare Europe.

Affidea is the largest investor and operator in Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in healthcare sector in Europe. The company provides medical imaging services, high performance nuclear medicine, cancer treatment and laboratory analysis in its over 175 centers in 14 countries – Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Republic Czech, Portugal, Ireland, Bulgaria, Switzerland and Lithuania. In Romania, Affidea has been present on the market for 14 years, encompassing 17 centers.

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