Dacia new car registrations in France, up by 13.5 pc at end-September

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Dacia new car registrations in France increased by 13.5 percent at the end of September year-on-year to 8,566 units, according to the Comite des Constructeurs Français d’Automobiles (CCFA) statement on Saturday.

Dacia new car registrations in France have recorded in the January-September period an increased of 14 percent to 85,124 units compared with the same period in 2015.

French new car registrations rose 2.5 percent year-on-year in September, boosted by growth at French car maker Renault, the same CCFA data reveal.

Renault saw new car sales rise by 8.2 percent last month, while domestic rival PSA Peugeot Citroen’s registrations fell 6.8 percent. Renault’s sister company Nissan saw car sales fall 6.6 percent.

As regards Dacia, the Romanian carmaker set a new sales record at the end of August 2016, selling more than 391,000 units and reporting a 7.3 percent increase in sales. Its market share increases in Europe +0.1 point (2.5 percent), in Eurasia + 0.1 point (7.9 percent) and + 1.7 point in Maghreb (17.8 percent).

At end-August 2016, Dacia had sold 391,098 units globally, a gain of 7.3 percent. No fewer than 27 of the 44 markets where the Dacia brand is sold set markets share or sales records as of end-August 2016.

In Europe, Dacia’s sales totalled 288,477 units – a new record and an increase of 12.5 percent. The Sandero is Europe’s third best-B-segment selling vehicle to retail customers. The Dacia Duster is the second best-selling C-segment vehicle to retail customers in Europe.

In France, Dacia reported a 12.3 percent rise in sales to 77,671 vehicles and set a new record for passenger car sales. The brand beat its existing record for passenger car sales, with more than 76,000 registrations. Sales of the Sandero climbed by 26.7 percent and the model moved up three spots in the French rankings. The Sandero was the second top-selling car to retail customers.

In other European countries, Dacia saw its sales increase by 12.6 percent to 210,806 units. In Italy, the brand posted record sales of 38,316 units, up 18.2 percent. New records were also set in Spain (39,192 units) and Poland (13,381 units), where Dacia reported its highest-ever market share at 4.3 percent. Dacia also posted record market share in the Czech Republic at 4.8 percent.

In Morocco, Dacia’s sales grew by 21.9 percent to 28,327 units. The brand was still in the lead in the passenger car and LCV market combined, scoring a 26.4 percent market share.

In Turkey, with 26,984 sales, Dacia still beat its previous records for market share (up 4.7 percent).

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