Dacia reported 2019 as its best year, with 730,000 sold cars worldwide

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Dacia has sold 736,000 cars last year, with 55,000 in Romania, which has been the fifth market. France has been the largest market, with 140,000 sold cars, and Italy ranked second- 88,000 cars. The growth was mainly due to Duster’s success in Europe.

The brand delivered 55,463 in Romania in 2019, as against 54,593 in 2018. Logan Stepway remains the best selling vehicle on the Romanian market – 20,433 cars delivered in 2019.

Duster was the leader on the SUV segment, with 12,795 sold units, with 70 pc for the 4×4 configuration.

In Europe, Dacia has sold 581,543 cars, ranking 13th in the top of the best sold car brands.

For the entire Renault Group, Romania is the13th market, with 72,000 cars sold last year (such brands as Dacia, Renault and Lada have 38pct  of the market share).

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