Dacia resumes production at its Mioveni plants in two stages, on April 21 and May 4

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Dacia has announced it is resuming production at its plants in Mioveni in two phases: on April 21 and on May 4, under safety and social distancing conditions, with skeleton crews. Dacia had halted its activity in Mioveni factory in March, likewise other automotive companies with production units in Romania.

Ford, too, has announced it’s resuming activity on May 4.

“In agreement with the social partners and in order to protect the safety of the employees, all sanitary protection measures in force in Romania have been implemented to progressively resume the production on the Dacia industrial platform in Mioveni on a volunteer basis from Apirl 21 as such:

-the Mechanical and chassis plant is ready to resume activity with a skeleton crew

-the Vehicles plant will resume activity in the press shop department in two shifts.

 As of May 4 both plants will resume all their activities,” reads a Dacia press release.
Dacia trade union  leaders said that on April 21, the second day after Easter, 250 people in those over 4,000 employees will start working to produce engines and gearboxes. Also then, other 190 employees will resume activity in the press shop department, where part of the pieces used to make cars are produced.


All those 440 employees who will start working earlier will come to work on a volunteer basis, while the employees in the category risk, prone to get the COVID-19 infection, will stay home.

Automobile Dacia halted production in its plants in Mioveni on March 19, with 13,500 employees going into technical unemployment.

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