Dacia’s registrations in Germany, up by over 26 pc in the first eight months of the year

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New Dacia car registrations in Germany increased by 26.2 percent in the first eight months of this year, to 43,471 units, on a market which advanced by 2.9 percent, to 2.32 million cars, German vehicle authority KBA shows.

With this evolution, Dacia recorded a 1.9 percent market share in Germany between January and August.

Last month, Dacia car registrations increased by 31.2 percent to 6,437 units, giving the Romanian car brand a market share of 2.5 percent.

New car registrations in Germany rose to the highest level in eight years in August. Sales of new passenger cars in Europe’s largest auto market rose 3.5 percent last month to 253,679 vehicles, KBA said. Eight-month sales rose 2.9 percent to 2.32 million vehicles.

Sales of luxury brands BMW and Mercedes-Benz were up 6.7 percent and 7.5 percent respectively, while Volkswagen’s Audi brand edged up by only 0.9 percent and the core VW brand plunged by 11 percent.

In 2016, new Dacia car registrations in Germany grew by 7.3 percent, to 49,124 units, on a market that advanced by 4.5 percent to over 3.35 million cars. Dacia recorded a 1.5 percent share in the German market in 2016.

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