Dan Air is suing Brașov Airport and ROMATSA, cancels some flights, thousands affected


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After the announcement of the suspension of some of its flights from “Henri Coandă” Airport (Otopeni) Bucharest, Dan Air announced in a press release that it will sue Brasov Airport and Romatsa.

“2,598 passengers are affected, once again, by the operating schedule of Brașov-Ghimbav Airport and the lack of staff of the Romanian Air Traffic Services Administration – ROMATSA R.A. Due to reasons independent of the air operator, during the period 07/09/2023 – 09/29/2023 DAN AIR flights, the only company that currently operates regular flights from Brașov, departing from Otopeni to Nuremberg, Brussels, Munich, Malaga, Stuttgart, London and Brașov- Malaga will be cancelled,” says the press release,

DAN AIR argues that it is compelled to cancel these flights due to the limited working hours of the Brașov Airport. “This restrictive operating schedule also affects, implicitly, the schedule of the other connected flights from Bucharest or from other countries”.

“First of all, we apologize to the people of Bucharest and hope they understand our decision to cancel the flights from Bucharest. The decision was made based on lengthy analysis and where the human factor was the main factor. The people of Bucharest have many transport alternatives because there are many airlines present at the Otopeni Airport, on the other hand at the Brașov Airport at the moment there is only DAN AIR and as such we cannot leave our people from Brasov without their safe method of air transport. As a consequence, we assume the losses that will be generated by the cancellation of the program from Bucharest and all passengers will receive their money back in full on their tickets within a maximum of 14 days, with the possibility of submitting a compensation request to the address EU261@DANAIR.AERO. To better explain the situation, flights from Brașov are interconnected with those from Otopeni and with those from external airports. We tried to propose changing the schedule for the flights affected by the cancellations so that we fit into the working hours of the Brașov Airport,” explained Matt Ian David, Dan Air CEO.

“This is unfortunately impossible in this summer schedule, because we are talking about European hubs where flight slots are allocated many months in advance, as they were also allocated for the original schedule proposed by DAN AIR and noted by authorities who did not object. Since we are unable to respect the slots originally allocated by the European airports we fly to, we are forced to cancel certain frequencies and destinations,” he added.

The airline CEO also explained that the second factor affecting the schedule from Bucharest is “the rigidity of the border police authorities in accepting multi-origin passenger flights without disembarkation at the first point of entry in the destination countries, which generates even greater delays that accumulate for so that passengers can go through border control once more to continue their journey.” “Due to the fact that we have not been able to find a technical solution and we do not have any support from the authorities, we are forced to give up the flights from Bucharest (Otopeni) in order to be able to make the flights from Brașov, in the opposite scenario, many more passengers would suffer, as such we were faced with a decision where we chose the lesser evil”.

“Of these technical syncopes, independent of the air operator, the most affected are the passengers. DAN AIR is going to compel in court both Brașov Airport and ROMATSA to fulfill their obligations to do and solve the problem faced by the people of Brașov because there are legal solutions”, the statement added.

We are doing everything possible to reduce the impact of these changes or cancellations on passengers. Every time we have acted correctly, precisely so that our passengers feel as little as possible the effects of this lack of interest in the face of a Romanian economic operator who has invested considerably in the development of new routes from Brașov airport. DAN AIR managed to place Brașov airport in the top 4 in Romania. The biggest loss, however, is the passengers who will thus spend much more time to reach their desired destination even if all the necessary conditions for reduced time, increased comfort and decent costs would have existed”, said Matt Ian David.

Therefore, DAN AIR will no longer fly between the capital of Romania, Bucharest and the airports of Brussels, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Rome, London and Malaga. However, the airline will continue to operate flights from Bucharest to Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Valencia. The routes to Barcelona and Valencia will be operated every Tuesday, the one to Madrid on Saturdays.

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