Domestic coal production, on the rise. However, Romania continues to import

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Romania’s net coal production stood to 819,100 tonnes of oil equivalent (toe), in the first two months of 2015, up by 5.6 percent (43,500 toe) than in the same period in 2014, according to the data centralized by the National Statistics Institute (INS), quoted by Agerpres.

In the mentioned period, Romania imported 113,300 net coal toe, up by 44,300 toe (64.2 percent) compared to the imports in January-February 2014.

Last year, the net coal output decreased by 5.7 percent (- 266,700 toe), amounting to 4.445 million toe, while imports decreased by 15.6 percent (- 92,700 toe), totaling 500,500 toe.

According to Romania’s Energy Strategy 2015-2035 draft, the total production capacity of lignite amounts to some 33 million tonnes per year, whilst domestic consumption of lignite stands at some 23 million tonnes per year, which means a production over-capacity of approximately 10 million tonnes per year.

In opposition to lignite, the national pit coal production does not cover the domestic demand and thus imports are necessary.

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