Drugs manufacturers made investments of over EUR 77 M in Romania in 2014

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The producers of original drugs present on the domestic market have invested EUR 77.1 million in 2014 in Romania, mostly in research and development in medicine and in projects supporting patients and medical community, a recent PwC România study for Romanian Association of International Drug Manufacturers (ARPIM) shows.

“Original drug manufacturers create jobs, pay taxes, have an actual impact, quantifiable at social and economic level. However, ARPIM members respond to mission of increasing patient’s access to innovation. They are constantly investing in research and development in Romania and support patient communities’ actions towards medical information and education,” Călin Gălăşeanu ARPIM President stated, a press release informs

At the same time, drugs manufacturers have direct and indirect contributions worth EUR 911 million to country’s GDP in 2014, paid duties and taxes of EUR 313 million, of which EUR 240 million was the clawback tax and created 16,700 new jobs, the release reads.

According to Gălăşeanu, from the total of EUR 77.1 million invested in Romania in 2014, EUR 30.8 million have been allocated to conduct clinical trials in therapeutic areas such as hematology, oncology, cardiology, infectious diseases and neurology.

Two years ago, ARPIM’s member companies supported 110 campaigns for prevention, testing, monitoring for more than 200,000 patients.

The study is based on the data provided in 2015 by 80 percent of ARPIM member companies.

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